See Errors for a full description of each of the errors listed below.

Http Errors

The API uses HTTP response codes to indicate the status of a request. In general, codes in the 2xx range indicate success, codes in the 4xx range indicate that a failure occurred due to the content or structure of the request (e.g., a required parameter was omitted, the authentication header is missing, etc.), and codes in the 5xx range indicate a server error. 5xx errors are rare, and should be handled by emailing Trulioo support. Here are some troubleshooting tips for the more common 4xx errors:

400 BadRequest

Details should be included in the body of the response. Some example causes of a 400 BadRequest are:

Account not configured for this productEnsure you are configured properly with the Get Country Codes request to see the countries you are configured for.
Configuration name not validFor now, you should always send "Identity Verification" for the configuration name parameter.
Unable to find accountEmail Trulioo support to ensure there are no issues with your account.
Transaction not availableMake sure that you are sending the correct TransactionRecordID and that the verify was sent from this same request.
Account not configured for this country.Try the Get Country Codes request to see the countries you are configured for.

401 Unauthorized

The token you provided is not valid or you are using an account that is not enabled. Make a call to Test Authentication with your token. If you do not see your token echoed back at you, you are using an invalid token.

Missing authorization header

If you are using one of our generated code samples and are receiving the response "Missing authorization header" see Authorization Headers to get examples of how to add them to each language.

413 Request Entity Too Large

If the request you sent is over the current limit.

415 UnsupportedMediaType

You asked for a media type that we do not support. Make sure your request includes a Content-Type: application/json header.

Service Errors

Service errors are caused by invalid customer data, datasource errors, and address correction/address validation issues. Each error includes a code, indicating the category of service error, and a detailed error message.

1000Provider Error - There was an error connecting to the source
1001Missing Required Field
1002Datasource Unavailable - the source did not respond
1003Datasource Error - The source returned an error
1004State not supported (AU Driver license)
1005Missing consent - consent not sent for the source
1006Unrecognized Field Name
1008Invalid Field Format
1009Unrecognized Field group
1010Request Timed Out
1011Duplicate Field received
1015Non Blocking Invalid Field Format
2000Unrecognized Error
3000Address Corrected
3001State Province Changed
3002City Changed
3003Street Info Changed
3004Postal Code Changed
3005Missing Address Info
3008Cannot validate address
3009Address validation is not available
4001Missing Required Field: MobileNumber
4002Invalid Mobile Number
4003Mobile Carrier Not Supported

See the Verify documentation for JSON examples of how errors are returned.