This endpoint is ONLY available for Identity Verification (IDV).

Get Recommended Fields returns the list of fields and list of required fields in a similar fashion to Get Fields, though the response JSON structure is slightly different. The list of fields returned (and which fields are required) is not dynamically generated like with Get Fields, but is instead based on a custom recommended fields configuration that can be set by customer support. Get Recommended Fields gives you more control over the list of fields returned than Get Fields, and is usually used as an input to a dynamically generated form. When no recommended fields configuration exists for a country for your account, Get Recommended Fields returns the same list of fields as Get Fields.

Through configuration you can:

Exclude fields that you know your organization doesn’t collect

Make a field required because it increases the potential match rate, although not technically required to call a data source to get a response

Make a required field (as returned by Get Fields) optional, as it may not always be available and is not required by all data sources

Include additional fields not returned by Get Fields, because it’s information you need your form to collect, but is not used by Verify

Please be advised to use /configuration/v1/recommendedfields/IdentityVerification/{countryCode} as /configuration/v1/recommendedfields/Identity Verification/{countryCode} is being deprecated.

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