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National Ids: Supported Types

For the GlobalGateway Verify call one of the input fields provided is DataFields.NationalIds.Type. For this field we have multiple types that are available. A break down of these ID types is as follows.

Supported Types: NationalID, Health, SocialService, TaxIDNumber


China - National ID Number
Finland - PIC
France - InseeNumber
Hong Kong - Identity Number
Malaysia - National Registration ID Card (NRIC) Number
Mexico - CURP
Singapore - National Registration ID Card (NRIC) Number
Sweden - Personal Identification Number (PIN)
Spain - Documento Nacional de Identidad (DNI)
Turkey - Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Kimlik Numarası (T.C. Kimlik No.)
India - Aadhaar Card Number


Australia - Australia Medicare
UK - NHS Number


Australia - Tax File Number
Canada - Social Insurance Number
Ireland - Personal Public Service Number
Italy - Codice Fiscale
Mexico - Registro Federal de Contribuyentes (Tax Number)
UK National Insurance Number (NI)
US - Social Security Number
Russia - Individual insurance account number, SNILS (11 Digits)
India - Permanent Account Number (PAN)


Russia - Taxpayer Personal Identification Number, INN (12 digits)

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National Ids: Supported Types

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