KYC - Person Verification

Identity Verification is created to help your business comply with the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) rules. To use Identity Verification you can send a single JSON request to the Verify endpoint, containing all the known details of the identity you wish to check. These fields are then forwarded to the Trulioo data providers. All of the results are combined into a field-by-field match and then the match results are compared against your account's overall verification rule for a top-level verification result.

The guide includes the Prerequisites, Integration, Configuration of Fields, Previous Transaction, National IDs, Address Cleansing, and the Next steps involved in integrating Identity Verification. To integrate through the API, refer to our Trulioo Platform API for more information.


For more details on the Trulioo Platform API, including documentation of all request/response fields, sample code, and more, visit the comprehensive API Reference. It's interactive so feel free to use your credentials to test our endpoints and get a full idea of what you can achieve with the Trulioo Platform.