Entity Enrollment


  • Before you get started, make sure you have either a GAPI user account with access to the Identity Enrollment Service
  • You have existing knowledge of the GlobalGateway API.
  • You have generated a Token using the Token Request API Endpoint

API Endpoint

The Enrollment API Endpoint is different from the standard GlobalGateway endpoint and should only be used to enroll an Entity into our Identity Enrolment Service for Ongoing Monitoring.


Sample Enrollment Request

  "CallbackUrl": "callbackUrl.com",
  "Frequency": "Monthly",
  "BusinessEntityToMonitor": {
    "Subject": "Gringotts Wizarding Bank"
  "ServiceName": "Watchlist"

Sample API Response

    "Version": "1.0.0",
    "StatusCode": 200,
    "Message": "POST Request successful.",
    "Result": "EnrollmentID"

Sample Callback Response

    "VerificationDoneOnDate": "2022-11-15T21:47:11.849303",
    "TransactionRecordId": "20ac2020-f1bc-bc14-41aa-443616d13a18",
    "TransactionId": "943fc9d0-50bd-4717-915b-b302454b138b",
    "EnrollmentId": "cf9ddaf7-9ed6-442c-8f8c-8c99455e9ab2",
    "MonitoringResult": {
        "WatchlistState": "Potential Hit",
        "WatchlistData": {
            "num_WL_hits": 2,
            "num_AM_hits": 2
        "WatchlistFullName": "Gringotts Wizarding Bank",
        "WatchlistHitDetails": {
            "WL_results": [{
                    "score": 1.0,
                    "subjectMatched": "Gringotts Wizarding Bank",
                    "entityName": "Gringotts Wizarding Bank",
                    "sourceListType": "FEDERAL - Fine - Breached Sanctions",
                    "sourceRegion": "United Kingdom",
                    "remarks": "Posted Date: 12/19/1973 | Letter Issue Date: 07/26/1973 | Subject: Breached Sanction Violation",
                    "caution": "The Gringotts Bank violated the Ministry of Magic sanctions and lent out a sum of 10,000 galleons to the Death Eaters for their marketing initiative",
                    "URL": "https://harrypotter.fandom.com/wiki/Gringotts_Wizarding_Bank"
                    "score": 0.95,
                    "subjectMatched": "Gringotts Bank",
                    "entityName": "Gringotts Banks",
                    "sourceListType": "MOM - Enforcement - Insufficient Security",
                    "sourceRegion": "United Kingdom",
                    "remarks": "Issuance Date: 1991-07-31",
                    "caution": "The Gringotts Bank has been fined 1,000 galleons by the Ministry of Magic for poor compliance and security and allowing the theft of an object of national importance",
                    "URL": "https://harrypotter.fandom.com/wiki/Break-in_of_Gringotts_Wizarding_Bank_(1991)"
            "AM_results": [{
                    "score": 0.95,
                    "subjectMatched": "Gringotts Bank",
                    "text": "Investigations continue into the break-in at Gringotts on 31 July, widely believed to be the work of Dark wizards or witches unknown. Gringotts goblins today insisted that nothing had been taken. The vault that was searched had in fact been emptied the same day. But we're not telling you what was in there, so keep your noses out if you know what's good for you, said a Gringotts spokesgoblin this afternoon",
                    "URL": "https://harrypotter.fandom.com/wiki/Break-in_of_Gringotts_Wizarding_Bank_(1991)"
                    "score": 0.90,
                    "subjectMatched": "Gringotts",
                    "text": "Gringotts has recently won 2 new awards for compliance and security as the safety place to store objects except for Hogwarts",
                    "URL": "https://thedailyprophet.net/"

Sample Unenrollment Request

DELETE /Enrollment/EnrollmentID HTTP/1.1
Host: identity-enrollment.prod.trulioo.com
Authorization: Bearer BEARER_TOKEN

Sample Unenrollment Response

Enrollment deleted