Document Availability

What information is available inside each document?

Information varies per country and company. Information within these documents is only available after the document is successfully delivered.

Will the Shareholder Document include shareholder information?

The document title and its content vary per country and jurisdiction. To provide the best user experience, Trulioo uses the normalized the field name "Shareholder List Document". To achieve this normalization, the Trulioo Platform maps a list of document types to the ShareholderListDocument field. It is done based on a sample size of reviewed documents that contains shareholder information. However, availability of this information may be different from one company to another.

Are shareholder documents available for every country Trulioo currently supports?

No, below is the list of documents by country which are available for retrieval

CanadaVarious (Corporate Profile from Federals / State registries)ShareholderListDocument
FranceAnnual AccountsFinancialInformationDocument
FranceRegister CheckShareholderListDocument
Hong KongAnnual AccountsFinancialInformationDocument
Hong KongAnnual ReportAnnualReport
Hong KongArticles of AssociationShareholderListDocument
Hong KongRegistration DetailsRegistrationDetails
JapanRegister ReportRegisterReport
ThailandAnnual AccountsFinancialInformationDocument
ThailandRegistration DetailsRegistrationDetails
United KingdomAnnual AccountsFinancialInformationDocument
United KingdomArticles of AssociationArticleOfAssociation
United KingdomAnnual ReportAnnualReport
United KingdomCapital DocumentCapitalDocument
United KingdomMortgage DocumentMortgageDocument
United KingdomLiquidation DocumentLiquidationDocument

If the country supports document request, does this mean it's available for every company?

No, coverage of documents is only available from the Government Registry sources. When you make a request to the Trulioo Platform API, a check is done in real time to see if the document is available. If the document is available, the Trulioo Platform will retrieve and deliver the document .