Business Ongoing Screening

Trulioo Platform Ongoing Monitoring Request

Trulioo Platform Ongoing Monitoring service taps into the Trulioo Watchlist service to perform government sanctions and Adverse Media checks for businesses on a regular basis. The Ongoing Monitoring service contains the same response structure as the Onboarding service, but automatically re-queries the Watchlist database at a set frequency. Entities are enrolled in the Watchlist service to have access to this service.

How Trulioo Platform's Ongoing Monitoring Works

  • Customers enroll Entities into the Ongoing Monitoring service once the user is onboarded
  • This information is stored in Trulioo's Identity Enrollment Service including PII and frequency
  • The Trulioo Platform checks the PII information against a multitude of global watchlist and adverse media sources worldwide
  • If there is a potential match or a “hit” on the watchlist, further detail is shown in the appended fields
  • The detailed information provided lets clients determine the applicability of the watchlist hit and determine their next steps
  • After the time period selected, the Trulioo Platform checks the PII information against the same global watchlist and adverse media sources
  • If there is a difference in the search outcome, such as the enrolled subject is added to a new watchlist, customers are alerted to the difference (Deltas). The new watchlist hit details are sent to the webhook with the status "hit"
  • If the outcome is identical to the previous search, customers will receive a "no hit" response to their webhook. Alternatively, customers can configure their account to not receive alerts if the outcome is the same as the previous search. This feature helps reduce notifications and the webhook is only pinged if the watchlist status is "hit"
  • Our customers can unenroll businesses from the Ongoing Monitoring service at any time

Ongoing Monitoring Input Parameters

Token API Call

Input ParameterDescriptionRequired
ClientIdClientId for Ongoing Monitoring AccountTRUE
ClientSecretClientSecret for Ongoing Monitoring AccountTRUE

Enrollment API Call

Input ParameterDescriptionRequired
Bearer TokenTokenTRUE
PackageIdPackage ID for Ongoing Monitoring Account.TRUE
callbackURLCallback URL/Webhook for customer endpoint on which to return individual informationTRUE
frequencyFrequency of re-querying by Ongoing Monitoring, possible values include:

SubjectSubject name of Business or EntityTRUE
SkipInitialCallbackThe default value is false (it does not need to be included in the API request). If set to true, the initial watchlist check will be deferred until the first scheduled check based on frequency.FALSE
CustomerReferenceIdOptional ID to cross-reference with the customer's databaseFALSE
serviceNameThe service name is WatchlistTRUE


Ongoing Monitoring Output Parameters

The Output Parameters for Trulioo Watchlist's response are the same as the parameters for Onboarding Watchlist. Please check the Trulioo Watchlist Documentation Page for more information.

Ongoing Monitoring Flow