The Trulioo API is a stateless web service based on RESTful architecture. The production endpoint is supported solely on HTTPS. All requests to the production endpoint need to be SSL/TLS compliant. Please ensure you have the correct base URL for the API.

Request and response body data are required to be in the standard JSON format. The output JSON should not be treated as fixed or as a schema. New fields may be added as the API evolves. Clients must not rely on the order in which data appears in JSON service responses and should be resilient to the reordering of fields within a JSON object. In the request, the Content-Type header value must be set to "application/json; charset=utf-8".

The API uses built-in HTTP features, such as HTTP authentication, errors and verbs which are understood by standard HTTP clients.

For faster response times, include an Accept-Encoding header with a value of "gzip, deflate" and responses will be gzipped.