Trulioo Platform API

Let's get you started with the process of verifying your first individual through Trulioo Platform API.


Before you get started, make sure you have the following:

  • A Client ID and Secret pair for your API account
  • The Client ID and Secret will generate a bearer token for authenticating API calls
  • For your API calls you will also need Package ID which will be part of the request body. The Package Id for your specific API account can be obtained via a support ticket or by contacting your Trulioo Customer Success Manager.



We require approval from the primary or technical contact from your organization to create a NAPI account on your behalf.

Quick start with API

What is a Recipe? ℹ️
Recipes are a simple way to walk developers through a code sample step by step to help them get started with your APIs faster. They make it easy to highlight what’s possible with your APIs and explain your best use cases.

Each step in the recipe builds upon the one before it, letting you in succession with a Trulioo solution. To get started with the integration of Trulioo Solutions, Click on the Quick Start Recipe below:

The Quick Start with API recipe includes Steps 1 and 2, which are the initial steps that assist you to get connected to the Trulioo servers and make sure you have the correct login credentials. However, there are more steps involved in integrating specific Trulioo solutions.

Further steps can vary depending on what type of solution you are integrating in your workflow. Trulioo offers solutions like Identity Verification, Document Verification, and Business Verification.

For example: If you are integrating the Identity Verification solution, then for Step 3 (Get Country Codes) you can access the Identity Verification Guide and continue with the integration.