Step 4: Selecting Your Flow

You have a couple of options when it comes to verifying businesses you are working with. Depending on the amount of information available for the company being verified, you could choose to either start with Business Search or proceed with Verification.

  1. Use Business Search if you have limited information on the company. Ex. only business name is available. This allows you to look for a company based on the information available. You will receive a list of possible candidates in return and must select the company for which you want to run a detailed verification. You could also display these results back to the company being verified and have them select the right one.

    Proceed to Step 4A for this.

  2. Use Verify if you have sufficient information to uniquely identify the company. Ex. Business Name + BRN, Business Name + BRN + Address. This allows you to obtain insights into the company.

    Proceed to Step 4B for this.