Step 3: Retrieve Your Account Configuration

Use the Configuration methods to understand your account configuration and conduct successful business verification requests.

a) Get the list of countries available for your account.

Use Get Country Codes to retrieve a list of all countries that are available on your account to perform a verification. Country codes are provided in the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format and the same format should be used while passing countries in API calls.

b) Get the list of required and optional fields of the country

Use Get Fields to retrieve a detailed list of all of the fields that you need to provide to verify an identity in a given country along with their type and description. These fields will vary based on country, the datasources, and your organization's global account configuration.
The required fields are captured as a list under the “required” node - ensure that you share these mandatory fields in your business verification API call.

c) Get the list of test entities available for the country

You can make API calls to the sandbox environment for testing using the pre-configured test entities for your account. These are not charged.
Use Get Test Entities to retrieve the test entities configured for your product and country.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use this information?

You can use the Configuration methods to understand how your account has been set up as well as gain clarity on the fields required to use the business verification API.

  • Build and automate the verification and onboarding process for your business: collect all the required attributes from your customers to perform the business verification accurately
  • Construct successful API calls with all required fields