Record Level Errors

For issues with the Record itself, (outside of the individual Datasources), Trulioo also communicates record level errors. These types of errors are located within the Errors array for the Record Object:

  "Record": {
    "TransactionRecordID": "123456",
    "RecordStatus": "match",
    "DatasourceResults": [*Array of Results*],
    "Errors": [
        "Code": "1002",
        "Message": "Datasource Unavailable - The source did not respond"
    "Rule": {
      "RuleName": "Rule1",
      "Note": ""

1002 - Datasource Unavailable

The source did not respond
One of the datasources your account is configured for may have had an error and hasn't responded to Trulioo's request. The support team of Trulioo constantly monitors the datasources for such outages.

1006 - Unrecognized Field Name

One or more field names used in your request were not recognized. Possible reasons are that you are using fields from a different country than the one specified in your request, or that there is a simple spelling mistake in the body of the request. Use Get Fields to see which field names are available for a specific country and compare with the request you sent to Trulioo.

1007 - Consent Datasource Not Recognized

As explained in the description for Error 1005, if a datasource requires consent, but the provided consent string is in any way different than what's expected, then an Error 1007 is returned. Use Get Consents to get a list of consents needed for a country, and double-check for typos in your request.

1008 - Invalid Field Format

The fields in a ‘Verify’ request need to be of a specific data type. For example, ‘FirstGivenName’ must be a UTF-8 string and DayOfBirth must be an Integer.


This error may be thrown at Datasource Level or Record Level. Use Get Fields to see the data type of every field in a specific country.

1011 - Duplicate Field received

There may have been a copy paste error or a bug that generated an input field twice. Simply remove the second value and resend the request.

2000 - Unrecognized Error

This is a catchall for other errors. Please contact Trulioo support for a resolution.

3008 - Cannot validate address

The address you sent cannot be validated by our address validation service. As a result the uncorrected address information provided in the original request will be sent to all other datasources. This address information may be incomplete or incorrect, which increases the likelihood of receiving a service error from one of the other datasources and reduces the likelihood of receiving a match on address values.