Trulioo Compatible Android SDK

The first thing you'll need to build a native Android app for ID document image capture is Trulioo compatible iOS Android:

You can request the SDK and detailed documentation from [email protected]

Prerequisite Knowledge

Before starting this guide, you should be comfortable with the following tools and technologies:

  • Trulioo’s API (especially Document Verification)
  • Java
  • Android application development & Android Studio Version 3.0 or Higher
  • Gradle plugin 3.2.0 or higher

Setup Overview

To implement an Android document capture application, you'll need to go through the following steps, each of which has its own detailed section below:

  1. Import Trulioo's sample app into Android Studio
  2. Open TruliooVerificationHelper
  1. Add your API credentials
  1. Run Trulioo's sample application to make an initial Test Trulioo Connection
  1. Since the SDK needs to access the camera on the phone the image capture should be tested on a physical device at this point.

Trulioo Verify

With the sample app you should now have access to the camera screens the SDK provides and are able to capture images of documents. The next step is to send those images to Trulioo in order to Verify them. This can be done in one call to the Trulioo API.

Once the image is captured, convert it to a Base64 string and send as the DocumentFrontImage to the Verify endpoint. See the Document Verification Response section of our starter guide for how to process the Document Verification response from Trulioo.