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Welcome to the Trulioo's developer hub. You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with Trulioo as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Let's jump right in!

Get Started

Trulioo's Java SDK provides wrapper methods for all of Trulioo's API endpoints, reducing the overhead and boilerplate to get your Java integration up and running.


There are two ways to add Trulioo's Java SDK to your project. The first is to simply use it as library so that it sits as a dependency in your code. The second is to pull our source code and manage it for yourself.

Installing the Library

The Java SDK is hosted on Maven Central. It is recommended to install the SDK using either Maven or Gradle.


To install using Maven, add the following dependency to your POM:



To install using Gradle, declare the following under dependencies in your build.gradle script:

compile "com.trulioo:normalizedapi:1.+"

Both of these methods will allow you to use Trulioo's Java SDK in your projects. Whenever you build your project you will get the latest version of Trulioo's SDK.

Source Code

We host our SDKs publicly on GitHub. If you wish to view them or clone the code directly you can find our repository here:

If you are new to GitHub you can learn how to fork a repository here.

Next Steps

Our quick-start guides all contain Java code to get you started.

  • Click here to begin verifying individuals.
  • Click here to begin verifying documents.
  • Click here to begin verifying businesses.


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