HTTP Errors

HTTP errors are fundamental errors which indicate that the request could not be properly handled by the server due to client, network, or server issues.

The API uses standard HTTP response codes to indicate the status of a request. In general, codes in the 2xx range indicate success, codes in the 4xx range indicate that a failure occurred due to the content or structure of the request (a required parameter was omitted, the authentication header is missing, etc...) Following are some troubleshooting tips for the more common 4xx errors:

400 - BadRequest

Your request could not be processed. Some causes of a 400 BadRequest are listed below:

Account not configured for this productEnsure that the Get Country Codes is configured properly with your account.
Unable to find accountMake sure that you are sending the correct ‘TransactionRecordID’ and that the verification request was sent from this same account.
Account not configured for this countryTry the Get Country Codes request to see the countries you are configured for.

401 - Unauthorized

The API credentials provided are unauthorized or you are using an account that does not have API permissions. Make a call to Test Authentication with your username/password in the Authentication header. If you do not see your username echoed back at you, then you have entered incorrect account details.

Missing authorization header
If you are using one of our generated code samples and are receiving the response "Missing authorization header" see Authorization Headers to get examples of how to add them to each language.

415 - UnsupportedMediaType

You requested for a media type that we do not support. Make sure your request includes a Content-Type: application/json header.

500 - Error

An error happened on the server without a specific message. These are very rare, and should be handled by emailing Trulioo support.

Configuration name not validFor now, you should always send "Identity Verification" for the configuration name parameter.

409 - Error

The API requests have gone over the limit set for your account (not applicable for Enterprise users).

403 - Error

The API key provided is invalid or expired.

404 - Error

Cannot find the experience transaction for a given experience ID. Either the transaction ID does not exist or the entered one is incorrect.