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This quick-start guide will walk you through the process of verifying a document through Trulioo's GlobalGateway - GlobalGateway - Trulioo provides a collection of API methods to help you build business processes powered by the GlobalGateway Normalized API. API. Each individual step is simple, but builds upon the step before it, letting you get up and running with a full document verification solution in no time.

What you'll need

Before you get started, make sure you have API credentials:

We require approval from the primary or technical contact from your organization to create a NAPI - NAPI - Normalized API - a loosely coupled API; fields may be added to our services and responses as the API evolves, and a client must be able to safely ignore fields and data that are not expected. NAPI can help automate your business processes by performing tasks such as Identity Verification, Business Verification, Document Verification and AML Watchlist. user on your behalf.

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Quick Start

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