Now all that’s left is to build a small form for your user to attach an image

  <input id="DocumentFrontImage" type="file" value="">
  <input id="DocumentBackImage" type="file" value="">
  <input id="LivePhoto" type="file" value="">
  <select name="documenttypes">
    <option value="DrivingLicence">Driving Licence</option>
    <option value="Passport">Passport</option>


All that’s left is to process the response from this Verify call. See Understanding a Verify Response. It’s unlikely that you will send the data in this response to your customers but you should at the very least log the transactionID and transactionRecordID values. Ideally log the response somewhere where it can be consulted and referenced in the future. If you need to review previous a previous transaction use the My previous transactions call.