The GlobalGateway .NET SDK is for developers using C#. Providing wrapper methods for all of the GlobalGateway API endpoints, it reduces the overhead and boilerplate to get your C# integration up and running.

Below you will see how to install and get started with our C# SDK.


There are two ways to add the GlobalGateway C# SDK to your project. The first is to simply use it as library so that it sits as a dependency in your code. The second is to pull our source code and manage it for yourself.

Installing the Library

To install the C# SDK, run the following command in the Nuget Package Manager Console:

Install-Package Trulioo.V1.Client.NET

Source Code

We host our SDKs publicly on GitHub. If you wish to view them or clone the code directly you can find our repository here:

If you are new to GitHub you can learn how to fork a repository here.

Next Steps

Our quick-start guides all contain C# code to get you started.

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