Trulioo Platform API

The Trulioo Platform API is used to create fast and compliant onboarding workflows. Workflows can be published from the dashboard in the Launcher page.

Our no-code platform helps you take advantage of our full catalog of KYC and KYB services. Build the flow that fits your requirements thanks to our no-code platform, embed it into your application, and onboard all your end-clients seamlessly, Trulioo Platform takes care of the rest. The orchestration document provides a flow execution API.

Key features

  • API Integration
    Integrate the Trulioo Platform API into existing systems using standard RESTful API calls.
  • Customizable Verification
    Customize verification workflows for Person or Business Verification, Anti-Money Laundering, or other regulatory needs.
  • Workflow Integration
    Integrate the Trulioo Platform API with various workflows through key steps.Real-Time Processing
    Get real-time identity verification for instant decisions, reducing customer wait times in industries like finance and e-commerce.
  • Scalability
    Handle high volumes of verification requests with the API's scalable performance.
  • Data Handling and Compliance
    Ensure data handling complies with international regulations, supporting secure transmission and storage.
  • Comprehensive Data Sources
    Verify against over 400 data sources in 100+ countries, including government IDs, credit bureaus, and watchlists for reliable verification.


  • The steps defined in the builder may not match the actual execution workflow due to background services and condition logic that create different paths.
  • Some services can take a long time to run and will return a pending state. If you'd prefer not to wait, you can repeatedly call FlowStep until you get the next step.
  • Field IDs in the client form are automatically generated. We recommend using dynamic field mapping between the form and the WF API.
  • To test a workflow version instead of the published one, add /test to the beginning of the endpoint path
  • Flows can be published as authenticated using the flow builder UI. This restricts access to the Trulioo Platform API, enhancing security and regulating interaction with your flow.
  • National ID and Social Service Number may have different names in different countries. Tooltips with the correct name based on the selected country are provided where necessary.


Webhooks in the Trulioo Platform API let your application receive instant updates about verification events. They send data to your application as soon as an event happens, ensuring you get the information without delay. This improves efficiency for both Trulioo and your application.

Three of our recipes describe working with Webhooks:

Workflow Connectors

Trulioo Flow Connectors are used to integrate an existing client with specific workflow. The process begins by generating a token for the client using their unique clientId and the flowId. Once the token is generated, it can be used to finalize the connection, ensuring the client is linked to the specified flow. This involves two primary steps:

  1. Generating a Token
  2. Using the generated token to finalize the connection.

Helpful Endpoints for Connecting Workflows:

While Trulioo aims to prevent errors during API integration, some may still occur. Use the link above to access the Errors page in our API Reference.


If you encounter any issues or have further questions, reach out to our support team for assistance.