Important Concepts

Country-specific Insights

Trulioo’s Business Verification solution makes it easy to verify the vitals of over 330 million businesses with the widest coverage across the globe and allows businesses to stay on top of ever-changing KYC and AML compliance requirements.

It is important to understand that there could be a lot of variation in how the information of businesses is stored in various datasources, countries and jurisdictions due to local norms as well as the availability of certain types of data. Trulioo normalizes and standardizes this information to deliver predictable and uniform responses to your business verification requests, making it easier to interpret results across all countries and jurisdictions.

In order to obtain the most accurate responses, it is important to capture the correct country and jurisdiction where the business you are trying to verify was incorporated.

Datasources and Datasource Groups

The Trulioo Platform allows you to verify a business against several public and private sources of data such as public registers, government registries and independent private data sources.

We have various datasources depending on the country, so we use Datasource Groups to aggregate underlying datasources sharing characteristics and simplify verification across all countries for you. It also allows us to dynamically switch providers based on performance and availability without disrupting your services.

Example - The datasource group ‘Government Registry’ will direct to a different underlying government registry datasources depending on the country of the business being verified.

The Business Verification solution contains the following types of datasource groups (availability may vary by country):

Datasource GroupDescription
Public RecordsOfficial registries of publicly-listed companies
Government RegistriesGovernment-maintained register of legal entities in the jurisdiction they operate under.
This could also include information on taxes, duties and mandatory social insurance and health insurance contributions
Credit AgenciesA credit rating agency assigns credit ratings, which rate a debtor's ability to pay back debt
International WatchlistAnti-money Laundering (AML) risk data sources including sanction lists such as OFAC, UN, HMT, EU, DFAT, law enforcement lists (Interpol, country specific government and state agencies, and police forces) and governing regulatory bodies (financial and securities commissions) from around the world

Business Registration / Identification Numbers

Using the correct type and format of business registration / identification number for a business you are trying to verify can lead to more accurate results. These serve as unique identifiers for a business but could vary among countries and jurisdictions. More than one business registration / identification number can identify a business.

  • Business Registration Number: This is the identification number given to a business at the time of incorporation
  • Tax Identification Number: This is a unique identifier issued to a business by a country to administer tax management activities. Ex. VAT, EIN, GST

Use Trulioo’s GET Business Registration Numbers by Country API to retrieve the full list of supported business registration / identification numbers along with their ‘mask’ and description.

A ‘mask’ captures the layout for the Business Registration Number. The table below will help you understand the meaning of each character:

Mask ValueDefinitionExample
#Numeric characterA mask value of ###### indicates that the business registration number consists of six numeric characters.

AAlpha characterA mask value of AA##### indicates that the business registration number consists of two alpha characters followed by five numeric characters.

Example: BC12345
aAlphanumeric characterA mask value of #####a indicates the business registration number consists of five numeric characters followed by an alphanumeric character.

Example: 12345B or 123456
Special CharactersSpecial characters are mirrored. The mask value for business registration numbers with special characters are displayed as:

Business Registration Number: IT-123456/7
Mask Value: AA-######/#

Jurisdiction of Incorporation

A corporation may also choose to incorporate federally, provincially or both. The jurisdiction of incorporation is the state / province where a corporation is formed.

You can pull the Jurisdictions using Trulioo's Get JOI By Country Endpoint (

In order to receive the most accurate results, include the Jurisdiction of Incorporation where possible.
*This is a mandatory input for some countries.