Partial Results

What are Partial Results and how do they help?

This is a new feature of Trulioo's business verification solution. With the release of Partial Results, you can view the results from some of the datasources configured on your account as opposed to waiting for complete responses from all datasources.

You can now access information retrieved from some sources while those taking a longer time will be available when they have responded. This will allow you to initiate your investigation/scrutiny process earlier and save time. Previously, you would need to wait for all the verification datasource groups to respond to view any information on the business being verified.

We built this because sometimes, certain datasources & jurisdictions can take a while to return data. While those sources are in progress, there could be other sources that would have returned data sooner and we wanted to be able to provide you data as it came in.

How does it work ?

To ensure no disruption for you, we have introduced a new ‘Partial Results’ endpoint that you will be able to integrate to pull a partial transaction result.

To start, users with partial results enabled will make a verification request as usual using the existing Verification endpoint.

Currently, if a user is set up asynchronously, they can then poll the Get Transaction Status endpoint until the status is updated to ‘Complete’. After that, they can pull the completed transaction’s data from the Get Transaction Record endpoint.

Alternatively, if a callback URL is supplied, we will send an update once the transaction completes.

With partial results there is now an extra step to this process. Once the initial verification request is made, you will still need to poll the Get Transaction Status endpoint. However, instead of waiting for ‘Complete’, you will see a new status ‘PartialResults’.

If a callback URL is provided in a NAPI transaction, that URL will be called when a partial result is available.

When you receive the 'PartialResults' status, you can make a request to our new Partial Results endpoint to pull the partial results data.

Once the transaction updates to ‘Complete’, you can pull the full set of data from the existing Get Transaction Record endpoint as usual.

How are Partial Results Displayed ?

We’ve developed this feature to be very simple for existing users to add to their workflow, so we’ve made the partial results output identical to current datasource output.

Outlined below is the new behavior clients will encounter.

  1. Get Transaction Status

This is the newly available ‘PartialResults’ status that clients will see when activated. This will be returned in the request mentioned above or to the callback URL, if you have provided us with one.

"Status": "PartialResults",
"UploadedDT": "2022-10-04T22:04:17.81231",
"IsTimedOut": false
  1. New Partial Results endpoint

Once the ‘Partial Results’ status is received, you can use the TransactionID to pull data from the new endpoint.

Below is an example of what clients can expect to see from this new endpoint. The key information here being the new status of ‘PartialResults’, the list of datasources still waiting for a result, and the ‘DatasourceResults’ section that will output the available results.

    "DatasourcesAwaitingResult": [
        "Business Insights 433673"
    "Status": "PartialResults",
    "TransactionID": "77938ac2-dce7-4770-bccc-417894ec7e61",
    "UploadedDt": "2022-09-19T21:56:33.1435248Z",
    "CountryCode": "CA",
    "ProductName": "Identity Verification",
    "Record": {
        "DatasourceResults": [
                "DatasourceName": "Business Insights 480052",
                "DatasourceFields": […Normal Datasource Response…
  1. Completed Transactions

Once a transaction has been fully completed, the status will be updated to ‘Completed’. At this point, clients will need to pull the full response from the existing Get Transaction Record endpoint.

The new Partial Results endpoint will not provide full results and will direct clients to the Get Transaction Record endpoint with the TRID available.

    "DatasourcesAwaitingResult": [],
    "Status": "Completed",
    "TransactionID": "77938ac2-dce7-4770-bccc-417894ec7e61",
    "UploadedDt": "2022-09-19T21:56:33",
    "CompletedDt": "2022-09-19T22:00:38",
    "CountryCode": "CA",
    "ProductName": "Identity Verification",
    "Record": {
        "TransactionRecordID": "200b56ec-8fc3-7209-ea91-6dcd87916c20",
        "DatasourceResults": [],
        "Errors": [
                "Message": "This transaction is completed and all sources have responded. Please pull full results from the transaction record endpoint."
    "Errors": []


Configuration Support

If you're interested in adding this feature to your account, reach out to your Account Manager or Implementation Specialist on [email protected]