Token Authentication


The Trulioo Ongoing Monitoring service uses Token Authentication as opposed to Basic Authentication used by the rest of Trulioo's services. We have listed the Token endpoint and a sample API call below for clarity


  • Before you get started, make sure you have either a user account with access to the Identity Enrollment Service
  • You have tested your credentials using the Test Authentication call.

Enrollment API Endpoint

The Enrollment API Endpoint is different from the standard Trulioo endpoint and should only be used to enroll an entity into our Identity Enrolment Service for Ongoing Monitoring.

Token Authentication Request

To get the bearer token for authentication, submit a POST call to the endpoint below with the Trulioo client id and client secret given to you by the implementation team.

The Bearer token returned then needs to be provided in the header for all subsequent enrollment calls shown under Identity Enrollment

Sample Token Request

POST /Token/ClientCredentials HTTP/1.1

# Request Header
Content-Type: application/json

# Request Body

Sample Token Response

    "StatusCode": 200,
    "Message": "POST Request successful.",
    "Result": {
        "Token": TOKEN, 
        "TokenType": "Bearer",
        "RefreshToken": REFRESH_TOKEN,
        "ExpiresIn": 3598