Document Verification SDKs

Trulioo, in partnership with our Document Verification providers, offer a series of Software Development Kits (SDKs) to assist in improving the quality of document images at the point of image capture. These SDKs provide intuitive, easily understood feedback on whether or not the image is of acceptable quality to be verified, thereby reducing many common issues in document verification.

Common Issues

  • Blurry photos, resulting in mis-identification of characters during OCR processing.
  • Non-contrasting backgrounds, resulting in difficulties in determining identity card edges and applying the appropriate identity template.
  • Identity card edges lying outside the edges of the photo, resulting in difficulties verifying the authenticity of the document.
  • Images taken from too far away and at angles other than directly above the ID.
  • Shadows and dark lighting.
  • Glare.
  • For live-photo verification, selfies where the individual is not looking directly at the camera. (Live-photo verification is an optional additional step in document verification where the user provides a photo of themselves which is then matched against the photo on the ID.)

Recommended Workflow

To guard against these common issues, you can update your mobile webpage or application to guide the user through taking a high-quality photo by:

  • Integrating the Image Capture SDK.
  • Using the functionality they provide to give your user live feedback while taking the photo and ensure the result is capable of being verified.
  • Sending this high-quality image to the GlobalGateway API.

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