Step 5: Start UtilityID Verification

Purpose: This method starts the UtilityID verification process. It will authenticate the end-user credentials and verify their name and address data.

The transactionID returned in the response will be needed to retrieve the final result.



The CallbackURL is required in the request as UtilityID works asynchronously.

User-experience: Keep the end-user engaged until the callback confirms the credentials are valid (ie the end-user has been authenticated).

Sample Request

POST /utilityid/v1/verify HTTP/1.1
Host: <<endpointLink>>
Authorization: Basic encode64
Content-Type: application/json

    "AcceptTruliooTermsAndConditions": true,
    "ConfigurationName": "Identity Verification",
    "CountryCode": "US",
    "CallBackUrl": "HTTPS://CALLBACKURL.COM",
    "DataFields": {
        "PersonInfo": {
            "FirstGivenName": "Bran",
            "FirstSurName": "Ganza "
        "Location": {
            "City": "Tucson",
            "StateProvinceCode": "AZ",
            "PostalCode": "85704",
            "AdditionalFields": {
                "Address1": "3153 PARKWAY DR"
    "ProviderName": "Trulioo Electric Provider",
    "ProviderCredentials": {
        "Username": "SUCCESS",
        "Password": "mock_password"



The TransactionID returned will be needed for all subsequent requests. Updates will be sent to the callback url provided in this verify request.

Sample Response

    "TransactionID": "14be3def-e68b-48d1-b298-c04a404356a5",
    "Errors": []

Sample User-Experience