Risk Insights

Trulioo Risk Insights allows customers to strike the right balance between risk, identity verification, and user experience to create trusted, sustainable relationships with their users. Trulioo Risk Insights helps stop bad actors before they can do damage. Tap in directly via our API or utilize our no-code, drag-and-drop interface that features customizable workflows. Quickly integrate with plug-and-play personalized solutions that allow you to create bespoke workflows based on region, industry, or risk factors specific to your business

Risk Insights compliments Trulioo's Identity Platform

  • Orchestrate risk alongside identity verification
  • Easily navigate scattered vendor ecosystem
  • Increase conversions of authentic good users
  • Prevent stolen and synthetic identity fraud
  • Minimize friction for good users

Prevent Stolen and Synthetic Identity Fraud

Stop identity fraud at the front door by leveraging the global Trulioo identity network to provide signals of suspicious and potentially stolen identities without needing to request or store additional customer data.

Integrate Risk with Identity Verification

Trulioo’s integrated platform provides end-to-end identity solutions which span KYC, KYB, AML and Risk services. Allowing you to build a truly end-to-end identity verification strategy.

Risk Insights Capabilities

Risk Insights is composed of two types of models:

  • Anomaly Detection: Inhouse models running on Trulioo's platform, capturing suspicious behavior across all Trulioo transactions and alerting our customers at the moment of onboarding
  • Risk Signals: : Models from additional databases to protect customers against various different attack vectors such as Mobile Numbers, Email and IP addresses.

All of our customers have access to Anomaly Detection as a part of Trulioo's Identity platform. Our Risk Signals can be activated for our customers based on request and vulnerability to fraudsters. Our Risk Insights product is available via the same endpoint as our Person Match product for ease of Integration.