Network Risk Signals

Network Signals is one of Trulioo’s Risk Insights available to our customers to help detect and prevent fraud based on the network information of your users. Trulioo intakes network information such as IP addresses, email, and telephone to detect if your users are authentic.

Network Signals is constructed using the browsing habits of the US population across the internet. The model evaluates risk based on how closely the browsing behavior of the session user matches the browsing behavior of the account holder. This data is based on a variety of online websites and is then consolidated and transformed into individual identities.

Within each identity, you have the following information which comprises an individual:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • IP Address
  • Address
  • Browser Information
  • Device Information

This information is then compared to the provided information of the user at the moment of account opening to help calculate risk. The level of overlap between the two pieces of information helps Trulioo determine the risk score for the individual.

Network Signals Request

Request Fields

ParameterParameter Description
PhonePhone number
EmailEmail Address
IPIP address of the user
ActionAction taken by the user, for onboarding please use Reg.eval
UserAgentUser Agent information from the user’s browser
deviceIDDevice ID information from the user’s device

Sample API Request

"DataFields": {
    "PersonInfo": {
      	"Address1":"Wool's Orphanage",
    "IP": "12.345.6.78",
    "Phone": "1112223333",
    "Email": "[email protected]",
    "DeviceID":"3e409930-7825-427d-b75e-449ea0f6a4d5" ,
    "Action": "reg.eval"
"AcceptTruliooTermsAndConditions": true,
"CountryCode": "US",
"VerboseMode": "True"

Network Signals Response

Response Fields

Parameter NameParameter Description
ScoreScore of Network Signals model (0-100)
LevelRisk level of Network Signals model (Low, Medium, High)
DetailsSelect Details from the Network Signals model which impacted score
ReasonsRelevant Signals for decision making beyond the score

Details Fields

Parameter NameParameter Description
DeviceInformation about the login device using the DeviceID and UserAgent
GeoGeolocation Information derived from the IP Address
NetworkNetwork Information derived from the IP Address

Reasons Fields

Parameter NameParameter Description
TrustFamiliarity details about the user such as user match for Email/IP or common geography for the user
InfoAdditional Details around Identity and Device such as Device age or if it is a mobile network
RiskRisk flags about Identity such as a new IP address for the user or impossible travel distance
  "Signal": "Network Signals",
  "SignalFields": [
      "Score": 30,
      "Level": "Low",
      "Details": {
        "device": {
          "ua_brand": null,
          "ua_browser": null,
          "ua_device_type": null,
          "ua_name": null,
          "ua_os": null,
          "ua_type": null,
          "ua_version": null
        "geo": {
          "country": "US",
          "state": "Texas ",
          "city": "Dallas",
          "lat": "32.7831",
          "long": "-96.8067"
        "network": {
          "isp_asn": "AS20057",
          "isp_name": "AT&T Mobility LLC",
          "company_name": "AT&T Mobility LLC",
          "vpn_name": null,
          "is_vpn_confirmed": false,
          "is_vpn_suspect": false,
          "is_vpn_capable": false,
          "is_tor": false,
          "is_hosting": false,
          "is_corporate": false,
          "is_education": false,
          "is_mobile": true,
          "is_proxy_reported": false,
          "is_proxy_public": false,
          "is_proxy_rotating": false,
          "bot_name": null,
          "crawler_name": null
      "Reasons": {
        "trust": [
        "info": [
        "risk": [