Understanding MobileID

Appended Data

Apart from verifying an individual's identity information, MobileID sources can also return other associated information back to the customers as AppendedFields. The fields returned may change per country.

Following is a list of fields that may be returned back (depending on the country):

Field NameDescriptionExample
OperatorReturns the mobile carrier nameVodafone, Telus
PhoneAccountTypeReturns the type of user accountPrimary, Secondary
PhoneContractTypeReturns the type of phone contractPrepaid, Postpaid
PhoneContractStatusReturns the status of the contractActive, Inactive
PhoneTypeReturns the type of the input phone numberFixed Line, Restricted Number, Mobile
FraudFlagReturns true if there's a fraud warning associated with the phone number
FraudMessageReturns the reason for the Fraud Flag being set to trueThe phone is lost or stolen
LastUpdateYear, LastUpdateMonth, LastUpdateDayReturns the date when the Phone contract was last Activated / Deactivated
PhoneAccountTenureReturns the time period in months for which the customer may have had their account48 months
ScoreReturns the Risk Score associated with each input phone number. This field is returned as part of the "Mobile Risk Score" source

Example value

              "Type": "RiskScore",
              "Value": "147",
              "Description": "Risk score defined by the vendor. Ranges between 0-1000. The higher the score the riskier the transaction"
Field NameDescriptionExample
PhoneDeviceStatusReturns the current status of the phone device. It is part of the "Mobile Number Validation Live" sourceReachable, Unreachable, Unavailable
PhoneRoamingStatusThis field Indicates whether the mobile device is currently roaming outside of the contracted service coverage area. It is part of the "Mobile Number Validation Live" source.Yes, No, Unavailable
FieldUsedThis field indicates which GlobalGateway field was used to call the MobileID datasource.Telephone, Telephone2, CellNumber