Mobile Risk Signals

Mobile Signals is one of Trulioo’s Risk Signals available to our customers to help detect and prevent fraud based on the identity information of your users. Trulioo intakes mobile information such as Name, Phone, and Address to detect if your users are authentic or synthetic.

Mobile Signals is constructed using the enriched key mobile data of the global mobile network. The model evaluates risk based on if the relationships between the mobile data of the user match the relationships between the identity data of the actual individual. This data is based on a variety of trusted mobile vendors with enhanced fraud and risk signals.

Within each identity, you have the following information which comprises an individual:

  • Mobile operator information
  • Mobile registration
  • Mobile Location
  • Address

This information is then compared to the provided information of the user at the moment of account opening to help calculate risk. The level of overlap between the two pieces of information helps Trulioo determine the risk score for the individual

Mobile Signals Request

Request Fields

Parameter NameParameter Description
PhonePhone Number

Sample API Request

  "VerificationType": "Live",
  "CleansedAddress": false,
  "CountryCode": "US",
  "DataFields": {
        "Phone": "+19173401606"
  "VerboseMode": false

Mobile Signals Response

Response Fields

Parameter NameParameter Description
ScoreScore of Mobile Signals model (0-100)
LevelRisk Level of Mobile Signals model (Low, Medium, High)
ReasonsRelevant Signals for decision making beyond the score

Reasons Fields

Parameter nameParameter Description
Phone TypeType of requested phone number
LocationLocation Information of requested phone number
CarrierTelecom carrier of phone requested number
BlockListingBlocklist information of requested phone number

Sample API Response

  "Signal": "Mobile Risk Signals",
  "SignalFields": [
      "Score": 31,
      "Level": "Medium",
      "Reasons": {
        "phone_type": {
          "Code": "2",
          "Description": "MOBILE"
        "Location": {
          "City": "New York",
          "State": "NY",
          "Zip": "10025",
          "metro_code": "5600",
          "County": "",
          "Country": {
            "Name": "United States",
            "ISO2": "US",
            "ISO3": "USA"
          "Coordinates": {
            "Latitude": "40.80123",
            "Longitude": "-73.95933"
          "TimeZone": null
        "Carrier": {
          "Name": "AT&T Wireless"
        "BlockListing": {
          "blocked": false,
          "block_code": 0,
          "block_description": "Not blocked"