Identity Multi-Factor Authentication

What is Identity Multi-Factor Authentication?

  • Identity Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a low-friction authentication service to ensure your customers are who they claim to be. Two-thirds of the world’s population subscribe to mobile services, by 2025 it will be 70%, making phone numbers a valuable asset to use during your onboarding journey.

  • Identity MFA generates a time-sensitive, one-time passcode (OTP) and sends it to the supplied phone number through SMS. It is easy to use and easy to understand, with 92% of consumers being familiar with one-time passwords and 86% finding them to be a convenient and secure form of authentication. By connecting Identity MFA to your current IDV method, you will increase the percentage of good actors allowed on your platform, while creating a high level of friction for bad actors, ultimately reducing fraud rates and increasing trust and safety.

  • Identity MFA solution by Trulioo handles phone number cleansing and formatting based on E.164 requirements. In addition to being a global solution, Identity MFA only sends one-time passcodes to real phones and not web-based services such as VoIP (voice-over IPs).

  • Identity MFA also provides added flexibility to configure the length of the one-time passcode, the language you want the SMS to be in, and for how long the passcode will be valid.

  • An MFA transaction also returns additional data that can help customers make a better decision about their onboard users.

How does it work?

The first API call sends a one-time passcode to your user via SMS.

Once the user has entered the one-time passcode on your website, the second call to GlobalGateway verifies if that OTP is the correct one.

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