Step 5: Download Document

GlobalGateway provides customers with the ability to request shareholder documents and financial information documents from the government registry, in real time.

How does document requesting work

  1. Customers request the Shareholder Document and/or the Financial Information Document at the time of the verification.
  2. a. If these documents are available for the specified company, GlobalGateway will request them from the Government Registry.
    b. If the documents are not available for the specified company, GlobalGateway will not request anything from the Government registry.
  3. Once the document request is complete, GlobalGateway will provide the Document URL to customers to download the document as a PDF.


GET <<endpoint>>/verifications/v1/documentdownload/transactionRecordId/fieldName
Authorization: Basic ACCESS_TOKEN


This endpoint will return a media/pdf response of the document being requested. To see all of the document types GlobalGateway provides see the Document Availability page.

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