Step 3: Business Search

In order to verify a business, you need to know its business registration number. If you don't have this data on hand already, GlobalGateway has a business search endpoint that allows you to retrieve the business registration number, given a business' name, the jurisdiction in which it was incorporated, and the country in which the business is headquartered.


POST <<endpoint>>/business/v1/search
Authorization: Basic ACCESS_TOKEN
Content-Type: application/json
  "AcceptTruliooTermsAndConditions": true,
  "CallBackUrl": "",
  "Timeout": 1,
  "ConsentForDataSources": [],
  "Business": {
    "BusinessName": "Acme Inc.",
    "JurisdictionOfIncorporation": "BC"
  "CountryCode": "ca"

The callback URL is the endpoint set for an asynchronous response from GlobalGateway. If set, the transaction will run asyncronously and GlobalGateway will try to update the client with transaction state updates until completed.

The country code should be provided in the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format.


    "TransactionID": "f8777996-ccf2-4c08-87b0-ad8374e1ffff",
    "UploadedDt": "2018-06-11T21:47:50",
    "CountryCode": "CA",
    "ProductName": "Business Search",
    "Record": {
        "DatasourceResults": [
            "Results": [
                "Index": "1",
                "BusinessName": "Acme Inc",
                "MatchingScore": "1",
                "BusinessRegistrationNumber": "BRN123ABC",
                "JurisdictionOfIncorporation": "CA-BC",
                "FullAddress": "123 Main St, Vancouver, V6M 1A3",
                "Address": {
                    "BuildingNumber": "123",
                    "StreetName": "Main",
                    "StreetType": "St",
                    "City": "Vancouver",
                    "PostalCode": "V6M 1A3"
          "Errors": []
      "Errors": []

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